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About Gaby van Gestel

Gaby is an expert in various areas and describes herself as “slashy”;
trend researcher | inspirer | keynote speaker | blogger | concept designer | content creator | presenter | columnist

“I just find a lot of different things fun to do.”

She has always been an entrepreneur and enterprising. Creative too! As a child she wanted nothing more than to become a writer. As a young 20-year-old, immediately after completing her HBO education in marketing, she started her own store selling interior accessories. Later she trained to be an interior designer and started receiving commissions. She then joined forces with her partner, Peter Fecken  to found design studio HEMELSby. Which specializes in design and building projects.  Since its beginning in 2005, HEMELSby has grown and developed, in much the same way as Gaby. Today her role in the studio is supervisory, maintaining an overall view of the designs, while she concentrates almost entirely on trend assignments with Gaby van Gestel – Trend Research.

Do you need a well-founded plan for the future of your company and help in creating new collections? Or could you do with some infectious inspiration – or maybe you need to inspire others? Is the work in any way trend-related? Or do you just think it would be fun to begin a consultancy project with Gaby?

Take the first step to making 2019 a fantastic year and contact Gaby via or call the studio on + 31 (0) 35 69 89 669.


#Portraitphotography: Hans-Peter van Velthoven