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Gaby van Gestel is a trend researcher in the field of design, retail and lifestyle. The different services she provides are all, in their own way, trend related. Thanks to her background in marketing and as co-owner of design studio HEMELSby (interior design and builder) she really understands how to develop trends from abstract and social concepts into products and services for consumers – turning trends into a saleable product which fits the DNA of a company and aims to meet the future requirements of its target group.



A consultancy project begins with a trend book. Working together with the marketing and design departments the current collection is analysed by comparing it to current trends. This highlights what is missing from the collection and what needs to be addressed in order to make it relevant. Sales figures and the requirements of different (European) countries are also taken into account.

In addition to the analysis of the collection, examples of what can be built into a consultancy project include internal training sessions, the development of a showroom, the design of a congress stand and presentations to external key-accounts.

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Keynote Speaker

Gaby is the ideal speaker at congresses, product launches, seminars and festivals. She speaks on trend related subjects in fields such as retail, marketing, fashion and food. Gaby began giving trend lectures in design and colour while working as an interior designer. This is where she discovered her talent for sharing knowledge with her audience with the infectious, sparkling energy which has become her trademark.

Her trend lectures are honest, concrete, relevant and constructive

During her lectures, Gaby takes her audience on a visual journey, taking in the newest trends and explaining how these developments have come about. She explains what this can mean for the industry experts in the hall. She doesn’t avoid tackling difficult social themes, and her lectures are filled with positive signals and inspiring initiatives.

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Trend Books

Collections are put together once a year to provide clients and retailers with a selection which is in tune with consumers’ requirements for the future. But what does this future look like? And how do you adapt your products or services accordingly? Gaby’s trend book is the perfect tool to help you with this. A trend book contains an overview of the main current trends in society, as well as various trends which are directly relevant to your organization and the industry in which it operates. Each trend is underpinned by a concept with examples and signals. Colour charts are a feature. Custom-made trend books also examine materialization, technology and designs that are relevant to your products.


Media Campaigns

Gaby can create content for your media campaigns; she can even feature as the face of the campaign. This type of marketing (with or without the use of a PR agency) can be used to address new and existing target groups, as inspiration, or to show that your company is an expert in its field – because you know what is going on in the world and are well-prepared for it. This means you know what your clients need in order to serve their customers as well as possible. The ultimate goal is a stronger brand experience, customer loyalty and an increase in revenue. Are you looking for a creative, out-of-the box campaign, or something for inspiration? Gaby can act as a sparring partner, content creator and face of the campaign. As a trend and retail expert she knows how to give that inspiration in a concrete way – for example in corporate films, vlogs, blogs or white papers. Have a look at what Gaby has done for, de Persgroep and Fetim. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company?

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As resident trend columnist in the Marketing Tribune and the Gooische Tamtam Magazine, Gaby regularly writes columns in which she questions  matters  she notices and  that concern  her. She has also had her own blog for a number of years.  Since 2019, her website has also been available in English due to growing interest from abroad. Gaby can work as a (permanent) writer on subjects that are related to trend, marketing or retail in any way. Gaby publishes a newsletter four to six times a year in which recent publications and blogs are collected and shared. Subscribe beneath this page for free. Gaby is also available for writing white papers and articles. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company?

Mail or call +31 (0) 35 69 89 669 and let yourself be inspired during a personal consultation.

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Do you want to collect trends from within your company or to teach your management team to think outside the box? Do you want to see what future possibilities exist for your organisation but have no idea where to start? Do you need to change tack but don’t know which course you want to sail? A workshop with inspiring guidance from Gaby can be a valuable tool. Using a trend game Gaby teaches you to look and think differently. Participants are invited to shake off their inhibitions and to let their imagination run free.  At the end of the day, participants will have learned about the impact trends can have on products and services and how you can benefit from this as an organization. Different scenarios will be devised in consultation with you that can give your company direction to a possible future. These workshops can also be part of the consultancy process when sales teams start working with the new collections. By learning to understand how the new collections came about and what the underlying thoughts are, they can relay their story effectively and with confidence and conviction.

For more information and a personal meeting, please contact Gaby via or  +31 (0) 35 69 89 669.